A weight loss blog pretty much. I am fat...so i wanna not be fat. I wanna be fabulously skinny <3 So I'm just keeping track. I will also be re-blogging/posting any thinspo, fitspo, exercises, recipes, some personal crap and anything I find useful! :) I am gonna try to get down to at least 140's by winter! Wish me luck loves!
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Worked today! So I got to burn calories running around yay! :D I missed working…or rather missed being busy and having things to do. My grandma went out and got some of the new mighty wings from mcdonalds and I had to try one. It was a bit too spicy for my taste but very good none the less. :) I miss their chicken selects…nothing will ever compare to those babies ;n;

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"I don’t have the right name or the right look…but I have twice the heart."

"Just One Yesterday" by Fall Out Boy
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thinspo and fitness blog! if you’re on a diet or need motivation be sure to follow this blog! x

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I love shoestring french fries ksjdnkjnkhbdhdsb it reminds me of the mcdonalds ones except i won’t gain 566666669442lbs in 4 seconds if i eat them :D And I offically hate those compleats shits. I opened the little bento thing after i heated it up and there was like…NO chicken. Just greasy rice. :I So i threw in a leftover piece of chiken in there cuz i was hungry. That’s what i get for being cheap.

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meh… o3o no comments today.

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You better all fucking reblog this.

I got to reblog this, it’s true


This may be the most important thing I’ve ever had on my blog.

This may be the most important post on tumblr.


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Shaun T proves to be my favourite person yet again

moderaSHAUN seriously, he too cool. best trainer ever! 

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5,2lbs lost since last week….hell to the yeah!

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I was still pretty down over something that happened last night. I woke up too late for breakfast yet again. Since I was like really down, my grandma got me a hershey bar. She knows how much I loooooooove hershey’s chocolate and i felt awesome after eating it :) I don’t feel at all bad for slacking on exercise and eating the bar today because well…shit I’ve been doing fucking great! I haven’t been overeating AT ALL, my snacks are actually reasonable and somewhat healthier and at nights I stopped EATING AFTER DINNER. Seriously, I used to think i had to eat before bed every night or i would die of starvation…lol.

I am really learning the difference between hunger and boredom eating. :) And i’m okay with eating ‘naughty foods’ now and again. Just not excessively like i used to.  

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Late again and no weight or measurements put up cuz of personal stuff going on. Something happened this evening that upset me quite a bit. For once food was the last thing on my mind. Imagine that.